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Krístin Lea Sigríðardóttir

Co-Founder, Acting Coach & Intimacy Coach

Kristín Lea started working in film casting industry when she became the casting director and acting coach in the award winning film Hearthstone

Later, all of the young performers in the motion picture were nominated as best actors at the Edda awards (Icelandic Academy Awards), one of them having won for Best Actor. Ever since then, more of the teen actors Kristín has coached have also received nominations for Best Actor

Kristín graduated as an actress in 2011. Having worked as an actress on the side has proven to be a great source for her abilities in casting, acting coaching and as well as in her new area of expertise, intimacy coordinator. 

After years of working in various fields in the Icelandic film industry, Kristín joined forces with Vigfús Gunnarsson and became the co-founder and a valuable asset to Doorway Casting.

Krístin Lea Sigríðardóttir
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