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Sara Rut Arnardóttir

Casting Director

Sara Rut Arnardóttir - better known as SaraRuta - studied Acting in the Icelandic Film School, graduating with a diploma in back in 2015. Shortly after, she started working as a radio host at KissFM Iceland and took courses in Stúdíó Sýrland for voice over and dubbing workshops.

SaraRuta previously worked with the independant theater group for young people Stúdentaleikhúsið  as well as in the local theater group in the town of Hafnarfjörður, where she starred in the play "Ekkert að óttast" - which won the "The Best Independent Theater in Iceland" award in 2016.

Sara also worked for the city of Reykjavik in a project called “Street Theater” in 2018. 

She started teaching acting to children from the ages of 6 to 16 at Setbergskóli in Hafnafjörður, where she wrote and directed several stage performances. She has starred in more than 25 short films including "Kalt blóð", which won second place for "Best Film" at the festival "Frostbiter".

After these experiences she moved to Berlin, where she proceeded to get a BA in Screen Acting in Catalyst Film School. She graduated with honors in 2021.

During this period, SaraRuta and her classmates made a feature film called "Memerstate" which is currently applying for film festivals around the world.

One of her final projects included that of a one woman show, which she performed at Reykjavik Fringe, winning the award for “Most Impactful Show of the Festival”.

She is now a casting associate at Doorway Casting whilst also doing acting on the side.

Sara Rut Arnardóttir
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