Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir

Casting Associate

Telma made her debut as a film actress in 2015 as Agú in the Icelandic indie flick Webcam. She continued to star in indie productions, even being nicknamed "the Indie Queen of Iceland". After she finished shooting for the film Eden early 2017, she decided to make reality her lifelong dream of moving abroad. So she went to study acting at the renowned Le Cours Florent in Paris, which she then followed up with a course at Prague Film School in the Czech Republic. 

Telma's casting career started by complete accident when she was working as a PA on the set of a television series, summer of 2018, and they needed some extras for the following day. Being a problem solver, she found the extras in record time and actually ended up overseeing the extras casting for the rest of the duration of the series. Right on the heels of finishing that PA job, she was then hired by some of the same producers to cast another TV series in its entirety. By this time, Vigfús who had recently founded Doorway Casting, had heard of her casting performance and offered her to join Doorway as a Casting Associate - which she happily accepted. 

She has been a valued part of the Doorway team ever since. 

"I love casting, I think it's been such a good asset for me personally, as an actress, to work in the casting field. I've become much more confident in my craft and actually learned to love going to auditions, as they are my designated time to shine. Besides the personal advancements as an actress and artist this job has given me, it has also given me a chance to influence. I view this position as a big responsibility, since the first ideas, the ground from where we work when casting for a project often starts with me and my ideas. I take that responsibility seriously and pride myself in bringing interesting, diverse and non-traditional options and ideas forward to directors I work for."

Telma Huld Jóhannesdóttir